Steering rack Assembly Exchange P.O.A
Steering rack Centre bellows P.O.A
Steering rack end gaiters each 5.60
King pin + bush set (MK2) per side 10.80
Track rods (Fiesta ball joint end conversion) P.O.A
Top steering column bush (various) from 4.00
Wheel bearing kit Front per side 16.60
Wheel bearing kit Rear per side 36.00
Suspension bush Front each 4.40
Suspension bush Front or Rear Competition type each 6.60
Suspension bush Front/Rear Polyurethane + S/steel insert each 8.40
Shock absorber Front/Rear standard each 24.00
Top spring retainers Front 14.50
Front stub axle per side P.O.A
Rear Wheel hub P.O.A
Front Hub lock tab 1.80
Rear Hub lock tab 6.00
Modifying of stud axle carriers (de-camber front suspension) from 26.00
SPAX gas shock absorbers
Adjustable (fixed platform) Fast road - Front each 64.80
Adjustable Fast road - Rear each 57.60
Adjustable platform Competition - Front each 90.00
Adjustable Competition - Rear each 72.00
LEDA Comp shock absorbers (24 adjuster positions) Rear each 93.60
As above - Front P.O.A
RAC (1" longer than std) Front each 22.00
RAC as above - Rear each 24.00
Monte-Carlo (1.25" shorter than std) Front each 23.00
Monte-Carlo as above - Rear each 24.00
Specials to your requirements (length/rate) from 30.00
Brake drums each 32.00
Brake shoes Front (set of 4) 14.40
As above - Rear (set of 4) 13.50
Brake back plate assembly C/W shoes/wheel cylinders R/H or L/H P.O.A
Hand brake cable L-H or R-H 9.60
Adjuster kit Front (car set) 18.00
Adjuster unit Rear each 11.80
Wheel cylinder Front 10.80
Wheel cylinders Rear 9.60
Brake hose Front 9.20
Brake hose Rear 8.80
Stainless braided brake hoses (for Competition use) each from 16.00
Master cylinder .625" 38.00
Master cylinder .700" (for use with servo) 54.00
Seal kits for above cylinders 6.20
Servo Lockheed 128.00
Servo seal kit (75063958) Girling P.O.A
Servo overhauled from 90.00
Disc Brake conversion kit from 180.00

R.S. Patten 116 Courtney Crescent Carshalton Surrey SM5 4NB